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Renee Hevia, 24 years teaching experience, 7 years leading experience


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About Renee



Renee grew up in Canton, Ohio in a Spanish bilingual home with immigrant parents from Spain and Czechoslovakia. While Renee’s grandparents complete a 6th grade education, her father and mother, both entrepreneurs, graduated from HS, and from an early age, they all instilled in her the importance of education and service. The first in her family to earn her undergraduate and Master’s degree, Renee studied Education at the University of Cincinnati and settled here afterwards. Her first Spanish teaching position was at the Cincinnati Bilingual Academy/Academy of World Languages where she also established a travel exchange program with Morelia, Mexico and Salamanca, Spain. After 15 years of service with Cincinnati Public Schools, she went to teach at Sycamore HS. During nine more years of teaching, Renee also served as the department supervisor for the Global Language department and subsequently became an Assistant Principal. During that 6-year tenure in that position, Renee continued to grow her experience as an educator, administrator, and advocate of students and families. She built trusting relationships with students, parents and teachers. She inspired teachers through meaningful professional development initiatives and analyzed student achievement data to understand, and developed intervention programming for all, including gifted, special education, at-risk, and unmotivated students. She has managed budgets with a keen sense in targeted fiscal responsibility with educational integrity which she believes is vital for managing public money in our schools. After twenty-four years in the classroom and seven years in administration, Renee will work tirelessly for all our students.


In her spare time, Renee enjoys gardening, traveling, reading and supporting Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Organization, NAACP, ACLU, Alzheimer’s Association, CinciShares, Freestore Foodbank, Hamilton County Democratic Party and the Cincinnati Symphony.


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