Photo of Renee Hevia for Cincinnati Public School Board
Renee Hevia, 24 years teaching experience, 7 years leading experience


For Cincinnati Public School Board




Educating our children has been my life's work for 31 years. During my 24 years in the classroom and 7 years as an Assistant Principal, I have gained valuable insight into what works well and what must change.

Build Trust with the Board

I commit to meeting with all 52 neighborhoods to listen, gather input and create a dialogue to ensure your voice is heard.

Innovate Neighborhood Schools
Beyond setting a "Theme", resources must be provided to investigate and implement instructional methodologies chosen by the school communities.

Expand School Governance
Create teacher-led and other collaborative leadership models to reenergize creativity and engagement to ensure teacher voices are heard.

Transform Discipline Policies
Implement researched based policies that recognize the effects of poverty, bullying and trauma on our students.

CPS Community Learning Centers are the Future of CPS

They must continue to be strengthened to be more equitable and accessible for every family in the district.


It is About All of Us - Our Entire Community

Whether you have children currently in the school system, or not, a vibrant city works better for all when it’s school system works for the collective community. Cincinnati is such a powerful and dynamic city; its public schools must match that strength.

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